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"Chenqi custom made for you"

Professional stationery production and manufacturing, comprehensive stationery suppliers with complete categories, advanced technology and standard manufacturing advantages. Customization for customers can effectively implement and implement the VI image system of enterprises on the basis of keeping the practical functions of products unchanged, so that the corporate image can penetrate into the overall operation of enterprises extensively and deeply, and provide customers with professional "customization" solutions!

"Customized Service Improves Your Corporate Image"


Chenqi has a complete integrated product line and manufacturing capability. And have brand management ability, know how to help you improve your corporate image.

High efficiency

From consultation, negotiation to production, delivery, Chenqi has professionals responsible for the whole process of communication with customers, coordinate resources between internal factories to ensure timely delivery to customers.


For customers, you just need to specify your needs and submit the basic VI system to us. Chenqi will solve all the work of product image design, production and manufacturing, safe transportation for you, which is easy and simple.

"Chenqi One-stop Customization Service"


Contact Chenqi Office, Chenqi Authorized Distributors and Chenqi Sales Departments


Please explain the requirements and detailed requirements of customized products to our business personnel.

Proposals and quotations

We will provide you with a complete product portfolio plan, product model and quotation according to your requirements.

Confirm order

After the two sides have reached an agreement on price, quantity and delivery date, they sign a contract to determine the cooperative relationship.


Contact Chenqi Office, Chenqi Authorized Distributors and Chenqi Sales Departments

Deliver goods

When the product is finished, we will arrange for delivery to our customers immediately.

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